Minimal charges

After our discussions about your website I can normally prepare a working model and demonstrate a layout within two weeks. Getting the site just right takes time but I charge by the page, not by the hour and the costs are competitive.

My normal rate is £75 per page with me writing the text and collecting photographs to fit into your site. But this is reduced to £50 per page if you supply the text and photographs, which many people prefer to do. There is no charge for tidying up a site after the initial build, and minor maintenance of the site is normally done free. Additional work, e.g., adding more pages, photographs and text will be discussed with you.


Web hosting charges fluctuate but it is possible to have twelve months hosting for less than £20. Add to this domain name registration (usually less than £20). Assuming that you will supply text and pictures for your site with design charges we have:

Two page site less than £150. Four page site less than £250.

We can discuss the cost for larger or more complex websites such as setting up an online shop.

There are no hidden costs. I am open about what I can and cannot do and the costs that you will incur. There are no other charges – no VAT to pay.